Doorperson of the Month: Sheri Campbell at Elm Street Plaza

by Mat Cohen

Sheri Campbell is an integral part of the community she loves.

She’s been a doorperson at Elm Street Plaza, 1130 N. Dearborn St., for four years and has won Streeterville News Doorperson of the Month.

“It’s all just a lot of customer service and interacting with people,” she said. “It’s helping people, communication and meeting new people. I enjoy it, I’m a people-person, you kind of have to be.”

Campbell grew up in Cicero and worked in security for 25 years, including stints for retail buildings, other apartment buildings and the Chicago Public Libraries. 

She works the morning shift at Elm Street Plaza, from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., and enjoys sending people off to work with a smile and quick conversation.

“I love being kind and courteous, anything to help people,” she said. The meaning in her job comes from smiling and speaking to people.

She also enjoys watching kids get older and enter high school. She said events the building puts on bring the whole community together. She remembers a pool party last summer when a maintenance worker in the building danced the hula to win a prize. The event was a highlight of her year.

“He put his hula skirt on and really danced his heart out because there were tickets for a trip,” she said. “So he wanted to win the tickets, it was so hilarious. It’s good when all the tenants and staff come together and we do events for both.”

When she’s not at the building, Campbell likes to bowl with friends or catch a movie at the theater. She’s been bowling since she was a teenager and was familiar with the neighborhood because of the shows and theaters.

“I used to do that a lot maybe ten years ago, so I’m familiar with the area,” she said. “It’s a nice area and it’s a really nice building with really nice people.”

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