Treating yourself has never been so active

by Mat Cohen

River North has become a haven for luxury workout studios.

From the Red Room of Barry’s Bootcamp to the cryotherapy at GOAT Climb & Cryo and the infrared heat of Yoga 2.0, the neighborhood has plenty of top-of-the-line fitness options to treat yourself to a new kind of workout in 2020.

Yoga 2.0 opened its doors in May of last year at 215 W. Ontario St. The loft-style studios, located on the second floor with artistic murals in the lobby and Limitless Nitro Brew on tap, has taken yoga to the next level.

“Considering the area, there isn’t really something like it that exists for yoga,” director of content and branding, and Lululemon ambassador Manny Garcia said. “People have different experiences, but there really isn’t one for yoga, and we wanted to make it.”

Yoga 2.0 found the best products to offer, including filling the room with triple-filtered humidity that’s cleaner than tap water.

“Every detail was thought out for the entire studio, from our rental mats being the best mats on the market, to the EO products in the bathrooms,” Garcia said. “And when it comes to the class experience you have to reserve the mat space, so that takes the pre-class stress away. Everything is done for you.”

GOAT Climb & Cryo, which opened in June, sits right across the street. The studio uses versaclimbers to provide a full-body workout, as well as Cryotherapy to offer innovative recovery sessions. Being so close allows the studios to work together.

“It builds a community,” Garcia said. “So many of our students take class with us, but might also go boxing, or pilates in the area. It’s such a fitness forward community, which makes our typical student outgoing and want to socialize.”

On Thursdays, GOAT members get to take class at 2.0 on discount and members from the yoga studio get Cryotherapy on discount.

Mayweather Boxing and Fitness, a new gym opening this month at 219 W. Hubbard, will be offering the gold standard of fitness just like its leader, boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. This is the first franchise in Chicago, but there are plans to open three more.

The space will have treadmills, rowers, strength equipment, as well as boxing equipment. There will even be virtual reality set up where you can be trained by Floyd himself, box against him, or partake in a number of different workouts.

A big reason the franchise wanted to be in River North was the mix of residential and business buildings in the area.

“It was a no-brainer for us to look at the neighborhood,” franchise owner Sara McSpedon said. “I think there’s (workout studios in the area) because the mix between the residential and the business, it’s very rare to find a neighborhood within downtown Chicago that has so much of both.”

If you’re in the area and you’d like some more options, you can also visit Studio Three, Shadowbox, Row House, Studio Lagree, Kick@55, Solidcore, CycleBar and many more.

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