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Gentleman’s Cooperative a collection of services, activities in one downtown spot

by Mat Cohen

One of the most interesting spaces in Chicago combines style, confidence and luxury to create a haven in the middle of the city.

The Gentleman’s Cooperative, located at the penthouse of 111 W. Jackson Blvd., includes a barbershop, pool table, full bar, master tailoring, customized suits, a private cigar deck and corporate event space. 

Beginning with a pop-up shop, co-owners Mike Berntsen and Chris Flores have been offering luxurious services to local professionals for more than six years.

“We help to maximize our clients’ personal and business impact,” director of business development Rich Moran said. “I think we do that very well.”

The space is across from the Chicago Board of Trade, making it easy to feel Chicago’s heartbeat through its windows.

“We are in such prime real estate,” Moran said. “We are constantly surrounded by the best executives in the state. It makes it easy for our clients to come in. Our location is everything.”

The Cooperative offers a barber and stylist membership, a master tailor and professional clothiers, as well as master barbers and stylists. Not to mention a luxurious event space to host corporate gatherings.

“Our clients work hard and we are big believers in taking time for yourself and taking a load off,” Moran said. “People work hard and people deserve to take care of themselves.”

Away from the hustle, tucked in his own quiet space, is master tailor Mousa Hazare. The room is draped with fabric, scattered with sewing machines and popping with all colors of the rainbow.

Hazare was born in Mongolia, moved to Pakistan when he was six years old and comes from a family of tailors, including his father and four brothers. He got his start at eight years old working for his dad’s shop in Pakistan. Seven years ago he moved to the U.S.. and after a year in San Diego, he came to Chicago.

Hazare, 33, is a key member of the Cooperative team and goes the extra mile for clients.

“I have the confidence they will get the things that they are really looking for,” he said. “My job is to make sure everything is perfect. If the manufacturers did something wrong I’m here to fix that. Most of the time they get the garments perfect, but sometimes there are some minor tweaks. And we want perfect.”

Hazare’s favorite part of the job is working with clients while taking measurements because he says that’s the easiest part of the process. However, he enjoys problem-solving and calls himself an ultimate problem solver.
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