Cold weather not a problem for Chicago golfers

by Jon Cohn

If you are a hard-core golfer stuck in the throes of long Chicago winters, there is no need to worry.

It’s not necessary to plan trips to warm exotic locations to play your favorite game. You can put the plane ticket away, cancel hotel reservations and killer greens fees and tell your golf buddies, you’re saving money  and staying home this winter.

Plenty of indoor golf options have opened in Chicago’s  downtown. Oftentimes just a stone’s throw from where you work or live.

Among the options are indoor facilities such as Play 18  Chicago, 17 N. Wabash, TopGolf Swing Suites, 900 N. Michigan Ave., My Chicago Golf, 707 N. Milwaukee Ave., Catalyst Golf Performance, 440 LaSalle St. (in the Chicago Stock  Exchange building), Five Iron Golf Chicago, 609 N. Dear- born and in the neighborhood, Th e Lakeshore Fitness Club. 

All offer the unique option of playing golf indoors and include a variety of league and game play competitions.

The new indoor golf facilities use high-level technology.  You will hear terms such as “Trackman Launch Analysis,” “Quintac Ball Roll Analysis” and “Immersive Golf  Technology.” Not sure what they all mean (I had a bad sophomore year geometry class flashback just writing those words) but all are designed to fi ne tune the avid golfers game and give optimal realism in play.

With the improvements in video technology and virtual reality, golfers can now “play’’ 50 of the greatest golf courses in the world indoors, and all with the sound of snow plows and shovels hovering just outside. A new day hath dawned for winter golf enthusiasts in New Eastside, which funnily enough is itself built on the site of Chicago’s first public golf course.  

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