What’s in a name? Cool and funky boat names of DuSable Harbor

By Jon Cohn

Published August 2, 2018


What’s in a name?:  Meet the boats of DuSable and Monroe harbors

For most of us who aren’t lucky enough to own a boat, having them around us at the DuSable and Monroe harbors is a true pleasure.


Call it boat envy, but there is something about being around the docks and taking in all the sights, sounds and even the smells of the waterfront that help make our New Eastside so special.


I started to wonder, though, about all the interesting boat names. There are stories behind them all, I am sure. On a recent visit, I brought along the old reporter’s notebook and jotted down some of my favorites.


Proud vessels included the Weekend Retreat, the Aquation, the Sea Weed, the Out of The Blue, the Endless Nights and one boat way too caught-up with itself, the Handsome Pete.

We spotted, the Veni Vidi Veatchi (I would have gone with the Livin’ La Vida Loco), the Off Balance (count me out for a ride on that one), the My Anesthetic (I hear ya there), the Sail-Vation, the Prestige II (what, one wasn’t enough to rub it in?), the Painkiller, and the Fearless.

Not to leave out, the Eclipse, the Mini Me, the Glad It’s Over, the Sea Beaux, and—be careful here editor—the BullShip.

My personal favorite? In big bold letters staring straight at the DuSable Harbor, the We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat. Yep, pretty much says it all doesn’t it?

These are great names and I am sure there are stories behind them all.

Don’t get too envious of the boat owners though; owning a boat is a lot of responsibility. There is an old saying that goes, “The two best days of a boaters life are one, when he buys a boat, and two, when he sells it.”


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