Chicago Tribune moves to New Eastside

By Jon Cohn | Community Contributor

This June, the Chicago Tribune staff will be making the trek up Randolph Street to their new digs at the Prudential Plaza.

New Eastside residents, keep your eyes out for some familiar faces wandering around—you might see the person whose column you read in the morning. The team behind the newspaper will now be in New Eastside—reporters, columnists, editors, copy editors, marketing reps, office personnel, advertising folks and of course, my favorite person, the one in charge of
the obituary page.

Keep in mind, this is not just your standard, location-based move. This one is dramatic for the Tribune’s employees, some of whom might feel sad that executives from the paper’s parent company Tronc, Inc., sold the paper’s namesake office building, the Tribune Tower at 435 N. Michigan Ave., which had been the newspaper’s home since 1935.

The tower was recently sold for a cool $205 million. With renovations and major changes planned, Tronc Inc. had to make a move. After an extensive search of a variety of locations, the company settled on the New Eastside building, One Prudential Plaza.

The Tribune will occupy the second through fourth floors, but if you want to mingle with the head honchos of Tronc, you will have to go a little bit higher. The corporate offices will be on the top two floors of the 41-story building.

As we welcome employees of Chicago Tribune to New Eastside this month, it doesn’t matter that it’s a 171-year-old newspaper—they are still the new kids moving into the neighborhood. Remember what we were told in our childhood days? “Make sure you are nice to the new kids.”

They may feel a little bit shy or a touch unsure while still getting used to
their new surroundings.

New kids, we understand it’s tough to move after being in one location for so long—83 years—but we think you will find our neck of the woods quite welcoming.

Cohn-Fuscious thought for the month: “Whoever said nothing is impossible never tried slamming a revolving door.”

Published June 5, 2018

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