Best doorperson gifts

By Jon Cohn | Community Contributor

November 16, 2017

For many of us in the neighborhood, one of the most enjoyable holiday traditions is to show appreciation for the staff who work in our buildings by donating to our buildings’ holiday funds. A nice monetary contribution dropped into the managers’ designated “gift fund” box is the standard way of giving, but we thought we might offer you some inspiration to stir your creative juices a little, and perhaps you will be inspired to give something a bit different this year.

Chalres Mosley, who has worked as a doorman for seven years at the 400 E. Randolph Condominium, recalls his most memorable holiday gift–a gallon bottle of Jack Daniels.

We surveyed the staff at local apartment and condo buildings about the best or most unique holiday gifts they have ever received.

Here are some of the responses:

“Bulls tickets to go watch my favorite


—Mike Watts, Shoreham employee for

four years and now at the Aqua, 225 N.

Columbus Dr.

“A big jar of pickled pig feet, Southern

style and cooked just right.”

—Darryl Alexander, head doorman

at Park Shore Condominiums, 195 N.

Harbor Dr.

“Somebody bought me a car! 2005

Ford Explorer, only slightly used.”

—Floyd Daniels, employee for six years at

the Chandler, 450 E. Waterside Dr.

“$200 cash—the best kind of gift.”

—Andre Johnson, employee for 24 years

at Harbor Point, 155 N. Harbor Dr.

“Someone bought me a gallon of Jack

Daniels–took me a whole year to finish


—Charles Mosley, employee for seven

years at the 400 E. Randolph building.

“I received a vacation to the Dominican Republic.

All expenses paid. Hard to beat that!”

—James Hatter, employee for 10 years at

Shoreham, 400 E. South Water St.

“One of the kids brought me a cupcake.

She made it herself. I loved that

it was a gift given straight from the heart.”

—Tawny Gray, employee for two years

at the 340 At The Park building, 340 E.

Randolph St.

So, there you go. No pressure. You don’t have to buy a car or give someone a vacation to show your appreciation. Just a little originality and a small piece of your heart will do just fine.

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